Adjustable Desk Benefits

This post is provided by the owner of a small business owner in Melbourne who has two adjustable height desks in their office. It outlines one real person’s opinion about using this type of desk in their small office.

As a growing business with a group of staff that don’t always have to be in the office each day, accommodating different needs at the office each day is a challenge we were facing. We basically have space for four staff at any given time, along with a larger meeting / dining table.

Two of the existing desks are a bit chunky, L shaped desks, but they work fine and provide a nice spot to sit in natural light. The other two desks were just the cheapest Ikea tables we bought a few years ago because they were space efficient. But they were no longer what we wanted.

After some thought we ended up replacing them with two adjustable height stand up desks. There were a few reasons and I will list them below.

  1. We had two staff members (including me) that prefer to stand up. One staff has some back issues that are made worse from sitting all day. And for me, well I am a bit hyperactive and don’t like to sit down when I can stand and walk about and dance or whatever.
  2. They were going to look good in the space we had, and suit the culture of our business.
  3. They added more flexibility on a few levels. Firstly, when it is at a stand up height, two people can easily use it at once. We just have laptop computers that don’t take much space and one person can easily stand comfortably on either side. Secondly, in stand up mode, it is easier for two or more people to participate in a Skype type of call. Lastly, they can also be lowered easily for when staff, or our bookkeeper who comes into the office want to use it as a normal sit down desk.

To be honest, in our office, one of the desks spends a lot more time in the stand-up position that the other. But that is fine, we can always lower it when necessary and having two desks that match looks better than just the one stand up desk would in our office.

Seating wise, we have a couple of stools that can also be used when the adjustable desks are in the stand-up position Standing for eight hours can get tiring, especially after a weekend of gardening in my case. So having a comfy stool available works for us. I know there are also those adjustable height office chairs, but we already had seating available for when we use the desks at the seated level.

Every office is different, but for us, the adjustable height desks have been great and I would recommend them to anyone considering it.

At Adco, we have a range of adjustable height desks to suite most needs as part of our large office furniture range.