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Office Mobile Storage Units

Mobile storage units are a versatile solution for businesses wanting to maximise their efficiency and organisation. At Adco Office Furniture, we recognise the huge value of office mobile storage in optimising the functionality of office environments. From under desk drawer units and tambour units through to plan trolleys, mobile pedestals and compactus units, we have no shortage of high-quality options to choose from that offer unparalleled mobility and adaptability.

The Benefits of Mobile Storage Units

At Adco Office Furniture, we understand that in today's dynamic business landscape, the ability to adapt office spaces quickly and easily is paramount, making mobile storage units a valuable asset for any organisation. The biggest benefit of mobile storage solutions such as multi-drawer mobile pedestals is their ease of use and versatility. They can be effortlessly relocated, allowing businesses to reconfigure their office layout or adapt to changing needs without significant effort. These units not only enhance workspace efficiency, but also contribute to a more organised and productive work environment.

Our Office Mobile Storage Solutions

Our office mobile storage solutions include:

• Under Desk Drawers – These units provide accessible storage right at your fingertips, reducing the need for employees to leave their workstations.

• Tambour Units – These units are sleek and stylish, featuring rolling doors that save space while maintaining an organised appearance.

• Plan Trolleys – These trolleys facilitate efficient document management and easy access to blueprints or large files.

• Docking Towers – Docking towers offer a convenient solution for electronics, charging stations and other office equipment, allowing you to keep everything within arm's reach.

• Compactus Units – These units offer a high-capacity solution for bulk storage that can be easily moved to different locations as needed.

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