Chair Upholstery Fabrics

we stock the very best upholstery fabric and upholstery supplies for upholstered chairs. Our Chair Upholstery Fabrics are available in a very wide range of patterns, colours and styles at Adco Office Furniture. You can choose a fabric for a new chair or lounge or, perhaps, choose a fabric to upholster your favourite old chair. See the complete range in our showroom or online and we’re confident that you’ll find a suitable solution within our range that accommodates your specific needs and preferences. 

Discover Our Range Today

Adco Office Furniture makes it easy to choose a fabric for a new lounge or to upholster your favourite old chair. Our upholstery supplies are made from wool, polyester and nylon materials that are sustainable and compostable. Our upholstery fabrics are suitable for various applications, including upholstery and screens as well as drapery and more. They’re also rated heavy duty commercial, certified greenhouse friendly, and recyclable through the manufacturer’s recycling program.

Adco Office Furniture is proud to be a leading destination for chair upholstery fabric, upholstered chairs and upholstery supplies. Give us a call on (03) 9808 4404 or message us online today to learn more.

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