Office Fitout Tips

Whether you are starting a new business or moving an existing one to a new location, it is a fun but busy time. What we have noticed is that when you move, it is the ideal time to upgrade your office furniture to really kick start work life in a fresh space with all the right furniture and equipment you need to make coming to work a pleasure.

There is a good chance that you and your staff will be sitting at desks for the majority of your nine to five time, so why not make it as comfortable as possible. Starting from scratch can also be the best way to make the most of your new premises. Instead of trying to make old desks and other office furniture fit in as best you can, getting new furniture that is the right size or built to fit can go a long way to keeping things tidy, efficient and ergonomic.

Here are some of our tips to make the best office furniture choices for a new premises.

  1. Choose Practicality over Aesthetics

We are not saying go out and buy ugly furniture, and to be clear, we don’t sell that. The point here is sure, you might have just seen an awesome desk that you would look great behind, but does it fit the office size and layout. Is it practical. In time, that great desk may come to annoy you every day if you have to squeeze past it, or the drawers don’t have space to open properly.

Some great questions to ask yourself are : does it have enough storage? Can the furniture perform multiple tasks, is there plenty of leg space? Will this furniture be easy to maintain and clean? Do we really need it?

  1. Choose value for money, not just cheap

Often, the cost of furniture plays a big part on the purchase decision of clients completing an office fitout. While price is important of course, value is what you want to consider more.

It is easy to pick the cheapest furniture and say “that’ll do”. Office furniture gets a solid workout. It is often used by people who don’t own it, and the finishing’s of cheap furniture can be poor quality. Nothing worse than a cup ring on your desk caused by water absorption or spilt coffee. Better value furniture can look new for a longer period of time. Drawers go in and out easier, there is often less pointy edges, more ergonomic features and stronger hinges and fixings.

So while the advice is not to buy expensive furniture, you should shop around. Check the quality for the price, not just the price tag itself.

  1. Ergonomics are important and comfort is king.

If you are buying desks, sit at the one you want to buy. Is it the right height? Does it have enough space for your equipment and some decorations too? Where will all the cords go? Ergonomics can improve happiness for your employees and increased productivity.

A comfortable workspace is so much more appealing than one that is not. An uncomfortable chair that looks cool will soon be replaced. Office chairs that are comfortable, supportive and perhaps adaptive to different sitting styles can make work hours so much more enjoyable.

  1. Flexibility saves money

If your furniture is for more than just a couple of staff, perhaps you could go for adjustable items. Chairs that can be adjusted to suit many different body shapes are great. So too are adjustable desks, which can include stand up positions for those who prefer.

Having flexible furniture, including pieces that can be used as a dining or meeting table for example, means that you need to buy less and that they will be used more often by you and your staff in a comfortable way.

  1. Matching Brand Identity

Choosing office furniture that matches the culture of your business is also something to remember. The goal of your furniture in the way of colour and style should be to inspire your staff, while also matching the image you want to project to clients who come to visit your office. Depending on your office you may need more traditional tables and chairs, or you might go more fun and vibrant.

The important thing here is consistency. Choose your style and stick to it through each furniture piece in your fitout. This will help the flow of your office space and no particular items will stick out like a sore thumb.

We hope this helps you a little or a lot when choosing furniture. We have decades of office furniture fitout experience and can share that knowledge with you when you buy your furniture from us. So if you need help choosing the right office furniture, contact Adco today.